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SmallNetBuilder website

Info about Wireless, Cable, DSL, routers, how-to's and much more. Run by Tim Higgins, this site has it all and is a must visit. A great user community!

This is another great place for cable and DSL information. From reviews to news, This site has some great information for all broadband users

Robert Zieglers Linux How-To FAQ
Red Hat Software even asked permission to reprint parts of this site -  A GREAT place to look for info on IP Masquerading.

Advanced Data Solutions FAQ
Great FAQ and Cable Modem sharing "How-To".  Nice manual with great info on hooking up your LAN quickly!

Phil Karns Road Runner FAQ
Phil has a sweet web site that is updated quite frequently. His site is mainly about the Road Runner Service and has some sharing techniques.
Johannes Road Runner FAQ
Johannes has taken some time and placed all of his road runner info together to assist you.  He has some network performance tools as well.
Sharing Road Runner on a LAN
This FAQ explains sharing on a Road Runner Cable Connection and talks about plugging the Cable Modem into a Hub's Uplink port
Darren Mackay's NAT FAQ
Darren has put together a nice list on a number of NAT products and what they do. Check it out.

E-Place Cable, Networking FAQ
A nice site explaining, Networking
Cable Modems, Sharing on In-House LAN, Firewall and Security, etc.
Sharing Cable using WFW
There is even someone out there sharing their Cable Modem using Windows For Workgroups!

Ko Hielig's Network  FAQ
A free FAQ detailing how to connect your Cable/xDSL modem to your LAN and configure your ICQ, etc.


Let us know if you have written a Cable Modem or xDSL Sharing FAQ and we'll review it and place it on the site.

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